Most Expensive Degrees In The World

To be a successful individual in life you need to have a certified degree in hand. It is not possible that you don’t have an inspiration from the most famous and rich people in the world who had earned fame and success due to the most valuable and expensive degrees in the world. If you are finding some of the most wanted and expensive degrees that will cost more than the average tuition than you are at the right place. But remember if you are choosing any degree just because it is expensive, is not a right decision. It is said that “Adopt the career you love and you will not have to work even a single day in the whole life”.


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The degree in biochemistry is undoubted the valuable one but is costly as well. It will provide the multiple career paths in many industries.  The industrial and commercial applications, medical research field, pharmaceutical manufacturing and production, academe any many other fields have the options for you. Though you have to pay for it but it will pay you double. It is one of the highest paid professional degrees as well. Yearly fee may sum up to $ 32000.


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Engineering is a four years bachelor’s course. There are many fields which you can select while adopting an engineering profession.  This degree is costly because it takes almost 6 years to complete and if you go for the master’s degree than you need to give it two years more. Besides the tuition fee the money you spend on the projects and visit to sites adds up so quickly in the total cost. Some of the universities offer the scholarships for the engineering program but that is only for the four years bachelor’s course rest of all you have to pay yourself that is also a handsome amount. It’s a high repaying degree indeed.

Film Studies

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The film study is exceptionally an expensive degree to earn. The reason is that the special film schools need to be mentioned in the films and movies and the biographies of the famous actors, directors and producers are related to these schools hence making them over expensive. The quality equipment as good video camera, the related hardware and software are costly as well. The travelling to and from the movie locations also adds up in the total expense. The approximate fee per year of the course is $35,000.

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