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There was a time when you tube was the number one video and movies search engine website in the world. Now the use of YouTube is banned in many countries and many other alternatives takes it place. In many Muslim countries You Tube is banned for last couple of years . People are using proxy sites to open this website but why they are doing this , The simple answer is that You Tube is totally an entertainment providing site.


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It is the best alternative and one of the most famous video entertainment providing site on internet. One can search any video at any time. The most unique feature of this site is that it never removes the videos and pictures of any issue. One can enter any issue and topic at the site and the full video opens. Once the video starts, one can also download the video by clicking at the option of the downloading video. If someone has no access to you tube he can search all video at dailymotion.


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This is the 2nd best You Tube Alternative. It deserves the largest amount users of users. There is also no issue with the privacy policy of the users. One can also upload and download videos without any issue of privacy policy. There are many benefits of this website. It can allow the users to share videos among large crowd of users and searchers.


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It is one of the most popular website for videos and movies. It show full episodes to the people and one can download, upload and can watch online. It is designed for the people of USA and in these days it is very interesting website for the people of USA. In case of YouTube alternatives it is ranked as the top class website.


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It is another advance and most popular you tube alternative. It serves the user by providing the short videos, games, movies, short videos from movies, adventures and provide originally created videos. At this website one can also make the promotional video clips of the business and can easily upload it. One can also down load, watch online and can share the content and videos with other users at this alternative host. It provides a friendly and helpful community. It has classic layout designs which one can sale also.

Blip TV

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It is new, smart, simple and easy to use website. It is also working as video sharing site. One can also advertise his business with videos at this host site. To use this site the user has to take the Ad blocker off line to show the videos, otherwise it will not show you the videos.

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