Best Halloween Zombie Costume Ideas

Preparations of Halloween costumes start weeks before Halloween. Every kid is searching through Halloween costume shops and looking around for cloth pieces in their attic to create a costume. The Zombie theme has always been the popular one during the Halloween season and is indeed the scariest one. It never gets old and becoming a zombie is every kid’s dream in the street, which is why every year everyone is looking for a whole new idea to become a zombie. You can complicate your zombie costume as much as you want to by using the very basic items like makeup or you can hold any tool from your home tool box. You can also visit different Halloween shops to find some different things matching your costume.

The Bride Zombie

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For girls they can always become a bride zombie which looks frightening at night. You will have to buy a white old gown or you can take any white dress and add frills and bows to it and just sew roughly to it. These bows and strips of white clothes are easily found around which most likely you will find in your attic. You need to do is get a veil and some dark red lipstick. To create a more frightening effect you can use a wig with really scary hair and hold some artificial flowers and dip them in black and purple paint or you spray paint them if it is available at home.

The Nun Zombie

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You will need some black clothes but you will definitely look like a different zombie. You can take any black cloth with a white border and sew it for your head cloth. You can always use contact lenses to give a horrific look to your face. If you have plaster of Paris available you can apply it to your face including lips and hands. Using the contacts and the Plaster of Paris will give you a complete petrifying zombie look.

Half Scary Zombie

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For a half scary zombie costume you will have to wear the zombie costume in half by cutting your dress and joining it with the other half you want to become on the other side. You can be a popular girl on the other side so you can wear any sparkling shirt of yours on the other side and hide its other side under the zombie costume. You can wear your hair partially in a ponytail and the rest you can spray with a red hair spray.

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